Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Day 4: Baby Names

OK I have to admit reading a long list if names is only riveting if you are pregnant otherwise oh please spare me. Considering some of the names people give their babies today maybe it should be compulsory reading. Take the bible read the names at least they have a meaning. Not like Jack Daniels which just meant you had too much to drink at time or Fish and Chips because you were feeling hungry when you went to name your twins!

But other than that I just have logistical questions. So there are no more people than the one family with three married children and they populate the whole earth HOW? The mind boggles trying to figure that out.

So at the tower of babel there truly was everyone talking one language? One day they woke up and didn't understand anyone else. Oh my days that is just strange. So God didn't finish creating just because we had sinned. He created all these languages too :-0 I have to say the mind boggles.

What did I learn about God today? That he is creative and I would love to see Him working first hand it must be awesome.

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