Monday, 28 June 2010

Bible Thought for Today: Acts 9:32-43

I have changed the title from devotion to bible thought for today. I am not really sure that anyone outside of church really reads a devotional and knows what on earth we are talking about. Maybe I am just being silly but I am trying to make it as accessible as possible. So bible thought for the day it is.

Dorcas or Tabitha
This is a story that I in particular have been told over and over and over. To be honest I wasn't sure I really liked this story. To be quite frank Dorcas or Tabitha or whatever her name was got on my nerves. I felt like she should not define who I am stuff it I am my own person. For those that don't know me personally my real name is Tabitha. It might be a great name which I do love but stuff all the Christians is what I thought, stuff them for expecting me to be quiet and meek and being used by someone else. Forget them, I am a little loud, opinionated and colourful that's just me. But no matter where I went this quiet little woman went with me. Whenever I introduced myself it was 'oh like Dorcas'. Well I am not Dorcas ha.

Then one day a few years a go I was asked to preach on her and couldn't say no (you must understand that was my desired answer, no stuff it). I had to face the woman who had followed me around all those years and really take a good look. It was a painful process but the reward was there at the end. Actually to my surprise I quite liked Dorcas or Tabitha as I decided she should always be called. Turns out sharing my name wasn't so bad, in fact I was quite proud to share my name with her. Tabitha was a woman that it turns out I wanted to grow up to be just like. (Stop laughing I will grow up eventually ;0)

Tabitha in Acts 9 turns out she was a justice fighter in her own way. Tabitha looked after people in need. Most of all Tabitha saw those around her and took the time with them. It made me think about my own life I am a naturally shy person who has to fight hard not to retreat most days. I have a wonderful family who push me out into the big wide world but left to my own devises I would be the person sitting quietly in the library tapping on her iPad avoiding eye contact as I would not have a clue what to do. But today I try to lift my head and smile it makes the world of difference. But here the woman I had steered clear of for all those years was to set an example for me. You see when Tabitha was alive she met the need of those less well of. She ministered to the widow the poorest in the society and gave to them. Tabitha cps a creative woman she made coats and other garments they needed and she met there need. She didn't do what so many others did which was to ignore. Tabitha opened her eyes and saw this no one else wanted to see.

My lesson from this awesome woman and shining example look up and see someone, use your talents to help others. So each day I challenge myself to be nice to someone even if it is only a smile. Each day it gets a little easier than the day before. Practice makes perfect is what I say.

Will people weep for me like they did for Tabitha because of the good deeds she did for them. Doubtful. But can I make a difference to someones day and immediate problem. YES I can and I believe YES we can. Today I plan to make a difference to someones day for the better what about you?

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