Sunday, 6 June 2010

First Post

I am very nervous about my first blog. I have trained over the past 4 years to become a pastor and now that my training is done and i have been let out into the big wide world as a pastor the question is what now. I have been discussing this with God ever since He sent me on this route and it seems we have finally come up with a good plan.
This week i became an online pastor or an internet pastor whichever one you like. I am excited and nervous about the venture but i am open to the challenge. I realise that as well as finding people who may need my help i will also find those who do not like God as such i need to be prepared for the positive and the negative. However i hope that as i work with all different people that i will be helpful in meeting the needs of those i come acros.
All o can do is my best as flawed as that might be it is the best i can do. So i guess i am here sayig that i am present and hoping to be helpful.

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