Thursday, 16 January 2014

Genesis 1:1

It should come as no surprise that a pastor is reading their bible. But knowing how busy most pastors are it's actually tremendously difficult to spend time studying. The studying of the word is one of the most important tasks for a minister of any denomination. The reason correct theology for teaching. Seriously that's the reason. 

Have you ever heard one of those sermons that makes you think twice about the speaker. They say something that makes you feel uncomfortable for the wrong reason. That is because of wrong theology. Without diligent study it's easy to say stuff that's off key. So it's important to study. So I am trying this out. Here I am sat on a train....

Yep headphones on listening to Fred Hammond you know I love him right?! 
And I am trying to study. Bible open... 

Reading genesis. I know you think I am stuck at the beginning of the bible. Truth is I am. I think if you learn about the beginning the more the end makes sense. Seriously. 

Well something occurs to me as I read. Did God say plural or single in the beginning for heaven and earth. Turns out I am not the only one who has this thought as I discover online so I look for a translation from Hebrew to English.... 

Feeling like I should be enlightened I read on. It seems that heavens is always plural. So my thought is this. Isn't it great to not be alone. To realise that God is with us but he is also busy up there with lots of others who love him and made better choices than us. Quite frankly it made me smile. 

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Christian first Adventist second

I describe myself as Christian first Adventist second. In terms of my faith. This hasn't been a challenge up till recently. I am challenged more and more on my Adventism. Do I believe? What do I believe? What difference does it make if I sign up to some not all? I dunno I really don't. 

So I decided after a conversation with my bestie to actually investigate this maybe get some clarity. Since I know that I am not alone I thought I would write it down so when I get asked I can direct them here. 

But here is thing in deciding to do this every time I try to post something goes horribly wrong. Should I take a hint. Like seriously is God using technology to stop me? Well I am gonna keep going and see what I do! I have been writing online and it's not posting. Quite sad really. Frustration is not good. But I guess patience is better. 

Saturday, 11 January 2014

A new day

My name is Tabitha. I am Pastor Purple. I am a Christian. I am a Pastor. I am an ordained Adventist Elder. I am a member of the Adventist Church. I am a person waiting. 

Over the past few years since starting Pastor Purple and becoming Pastor Purple I have been on a journey to understanding who I am and how that fits with the world around me. I became an Adventist at 12 years old. Before that I was a Christian. In my late late 20's I went on the road to becoming a minister in the Adventist Church. In my mid 30's I became an independent minister. I am now thinking I would like to reconcile my life a little and move on to my next phase of work. 

So here is my challenge What is a Christian? What is an Adventist? What am I doing to fulfill God's calling in my life. So for the next year or so I am gonna look at that. I am going to ask as many Christians as I can find what makes them a Christian. I am going to do research into what makes people there particular denomination. 

In the end of my little study reading books and speaking with people I hope to be closer to god. That is my aim. If you come along for the journey please feel free to participate. Please be respectful if participating on this blog abuse and swearing will be removed. Thanks.