Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Devotion: Acts 2

I read somewhere that 25% of people will always dislike you. To me it always seemed more but then that might just be me. There are people who live their lives trying to win over people who dislike them. But in the end you can only be the best version of yourself that you can be. I believe with the help of God that it can be the most awesome person but you have to be willing to follow. 

In Acts chapter 2 the disciples experience the most awesome gift the Holy Spirit. They are able to do the impossible and meet people where they are and reach them in their own language (true speaking in tongues). But even still the bible says in verse 13 it says:

"but others mocking said, they are filled with new wine."

It doesn't matter what was happening and what they witnessed with their own eyes and ears they still refused to believe. They could rationalise it away even if that rationalisation made no sense. Does it make any sense that you can understand someone in your own language even though they don't speak it but you say that your drunk. I mean generally i find drunk people don't make much sense much less speak in other real languages.

But there you go 25% of people will never like you. So what does that mean in reality do i count to 4 and say oh well your the fourth person so you are not going to like me there you go. Or do i not get caught up in having people like me but in doing the right thing. I would put forward that whether people like you or not is irrelevant but whether you are doing what is right is very relevant. 

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