Wednesday, 9 June 2010

In the beginning was the Word ...

In the beginning was the Word...

A friend posted on their Facebook stated for someone to unpack John 1:1. As i wanted to go back to the beginning of my beliefs anyway i thought this would be a good opportunity to start somewhere. So here goes John 1:1 

"In the beginning was the Word."
So if we go back to the begining e.g Genesis we see that at the beginning was God and he spoke the world into existence. Now we see something in common God speaks the word and John is saying there is a word as an entity.

"The Word was with God"
So if the Word was there from the beginning and the only thing in the beginning was God then it might be safe to assume that the Word was God. However in this part of the text we see that the Word was seperate from God. In fact the Word was with God. So does this mean that the Word was not God? Well the answer to that we find in the next portion of the text but here we have our introduction to the very complicated concept of the triliogy. One God three persons. If the only thing in the beginning is God then it is safe to assume that the Word was in fact God. 

"And the Word was God"
So here is the conclusiom just in case you doubted John spells it out for you the Word is God always has been always will be. So the story that John is about to tell of his personal friend and saviour is more than just a story he is telling us about the almighty God.  

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