Monday, 28 June 2010

Day 2: The Struggle

Ok so I have already struggled to stick with it. I can give you a list of excuses a mile long or rather reasons but here is the thing I just need to get on with it. So day 2 a little later than day 2 lol.

Today I learnt a number of things about God the best of all is that God enjoys our company. I have to say that is pretty awesome. Pre-sin God came down in the cool of the day and had some tine with us. Post-sin he still came down and spent time with us look at the example of Enoch who walked right to heaven with God. That was some serious conversation. They were having. I guess it makes me feel not only happy but a little less insane as I talk to God about everything from fashion to nature on my journey wherever I am it's constant chatter with him because I love him and talking with humus great. But it turns out that while I might not be the deepest person in the world God likes talking to us and me too. I think that's pretty awesome.

Oh dear that was about me hmm back to what I learnt about God.
1. God enjoys our company
2. God gives us a chance to just tell him
3. God takes care of our needs
4. God saves us from ourselves. We don't live forever and as much as we are obsessed with ourselves and youth and living forever I am glad we don't. Who really wants to do that, imagine the best Mother Theresa living forever even she would get tired and would fall of the band wagon it's not that easy to be good 24/7. What about the worse imagine Hitler going forever cause he couldn't die. All I can say is oh dear!
5. God wants to praise us for what we do well. Now that has got to put a smile on your face. Be nice to someone and God is in heaven beaming like a proud father at his awesome child how cool is that.
6. God enjoys our company woo hoo

By the way reading the genealogies are not exciting not matter what you do with them but they are great for name spotting. I am guessing some deep theologian just had a heart attack by my statement but it's true reading a list of names isn't that interesting. But just think of all the people in your family when you do and imagine how complicated that first family must have been I mean I have loads of questions about them like where did all the wives come from. Please God I look forward to that answer. Since God is the originator of not marrying a sibling come on I know you are just as curious.

Well fingers crossed I will be back for tomorrow.

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