Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Crossroads

I feel at a cross roads today. What do I do with my life now. I am listening to God when he speaks? Am I following the path he has cut out for my life? In the end of I make a poor decision now will bite me in the butt for many years to come? What about my family? Shouldn't my family always be at the front of what I am doing? How do you do God first family second and not sacrifice the people on earth that you love? How as a parent can I ensure that I am helping to be the best witness of Gods love so that they can pick salvation while putting Gods work first? These are difficult questions. 

To be honest I am not sure I have the answer to any of them. Everyday one or more of those questions is a burden on my heart. Everyday I worry that the decisions I am making now will permanently damage those that are dearest to me. But what can I do? I can only do my best in the circumstances I am given and hope, pray and trust that it is enough. 

I know that at some point you might have questioned what your doing? Why your doing it? What the real cost is? But no matter what the conclusion of that matter  I know that Hod can, will and does give you strength to make the right decisions. 

God bless

Friday, 5 July 2013

Sunshine Sabbaths

So it's beautiful weather in my part of the UK. I know your shocked and surprised but its true. So I am thinking we don't get outside often what can we do outside on a church day. So here are some of my quick thoughts on sunshine activities. 

Church in the park
Lunch in the park 
Trip to the farm 
Trip to the zoo 
Visit an elderly member and sit with them in the garden
Get the kids together and play games outside 
Go to the beach 
Have a mini tent picnic
Train spotting 
Go for a walk
Fly kites 
Make kites and then fly them 
Bug finding 

Remember the sun is too hot for those more fragile so consider the fact kids and elderly need regular breaks. 
These are just done quick ideas. Stay safe have fun and have a brilliant weekend.