Friday, 18 June 2010

Fun Sabbath activities 1

Fun Sabbath activities 1

Now just because I happen to believe that sabbath should still be held don't let that stop you from reading the activities for Sunday. I am going to try and give you activities for a variety of situations so I hope there is something here for you. I will be producing one each week (fingers crossed).

My inspiration for this one is reading. I love reading and think we should all give it a go you might be surprised that you enjoy it.

Here is an obvious one but true, read a book, one of my favs is a novel called Joseph by Terri L. Fivash. Now if you love reading that could be the whole thin but why not spice it up and start a book club. If you were thinking a book club might be a bit much why don't you try doing it online there are plenty of places where you can leave reviews for books and interact with other readers. I had a books and chocolate club the combination is joyous

Couple (married or dating)
Find a book on relationships you know the ones that you try to avoid. Find a Christian one (sometimes the older the better, more to laugh about), get only one copy and read it together. Take turns in reading to each other the highlights of the book. Discuss the points as you read them and see if they actually apply or are funny anecdotes. I have done this with my other half and had a lot of fun thinking about our relationship and those of our close friends.

Families with young children
Allow one of the children to pick their favourite book. Allow the children to read it to the parents. Depending on the book the parents could put on a play of the book for the children. The children can be the directors and help pick out costumes for the parents to wear etc and then at the end they can give their parents scores for their performance.
If the children are very young and unable to do this task try making a book with the children. But a scrap book print out some pictures, have some crayons and paper at the ready for them to draw pictures. When all this is ready everyone gets an opportunity to stick everything in the book and create a family story scrapbook.

Families with teenagers
Invite another family with teenagers over allow the teenagers to share an interests by picking a book they would like to talk about with you. This can be about nature or astronomy or religion or a novel. It is important that the parents allow the teenagers space to talk and share freely this may take some restraint on the parents part but the rewards should be there in the long term. (tried and tested with my mum)

Ok if I have missed your category out some of the other ones could be adapted to suit your needs or let me know and I will try to include you next week or think of a way to adapt this weeks activities.

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