Saturday, 18 April 2015

Home church fun

What do you do with 4 kids, a toddler, a baby and 3 adults? Home church of course! So our first try this week at my sisters suggestion (awesome idea). 

Phase 1. 
The children were brilliant opening prayer, song, aunties children story, their bible readings, a song and then closing prayer. 

Phase 2 
Sabbath School 
I used some of my resources that I had collecting dust on my shelf. I was so happy to break open the books and see how the kids did with them. 

First we started discussing what prayer is. This with the aide of magnetic words. They put together their prayers and then each said a prayer. It was so lovely to see how their prayers developed after our conversation. 

Second was putting together their own stories. I have to be honest I was surprised at how the task suited all ages. Ok the little ones needed more help. The middle one was competitive and wanted to finish same time as his bigger cousins. But they all read their stories proudly to the others. Better than mummy having to read the stories. 

Phase 3 
No good day complete with a good meal. We all chipped in and made some good food. This the kids loved, they ate like they had never seen food before. I guess all the hard work was worth it.

Phase 4 
A good movie. 
This time it was Jonah Vegetales. Awesome fun. 

Phase 5 
A gift. 
The kids made key rings for friends. 

They did a brilliant job. 

When we asked them what there favourite part was. They all said having church entirely at my house. Brilliant. Job done. 

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Sabbath fun.

When you have kids sabbath can be the best day and worst. Woo hoo no work or school but oh goodness none of the usual fun things to do. Goodness me. So this week I had a great gift a mother child colouring book. 

So me and my little storm undertook the task with nana. I have to admit the numbers were in my favour. Two adults an one child. But I can highly recommend it. Sit down together and colour with or without the book. Colouring was therapeutic for me and my storm. 

It doesn't matter whether it's perfect. Just that you enjoy the process. Big bonus. You don't have to be able to draw. This obviously means anyone can do it. 

Have fun and enjoy. 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Yesterday I Cried Out

Have you ever reached a place in your life where all you can do is cry out? Yesterday that was me. I was walking the children as they played and all of a sudden I was overwhelmed. I could see my life and how wrong it all was. I could see how hard I had tried to change everything. I could see that I had failed miserably. With nothing else left I stretched my arms and looked to the sky and cried out to God deliver me. 

This must have been quite the picture as I was just walking down the street! I wasn't asking to die I just needed my soul delivered. I needed my faith restored. I needed comfort from all the pain weighing heavy on my body. I needed financial deliverance from the struggle of life. I needed God to step I and change my circumstance. I needed deliverance! 

What happened next? The kids needed me to take a photo of nature for their project! So there was no great lightening in the sky appearance of God. But I tell you the truth I understood why the writers of psalms cried out to God. Because sometimes you need deliverance!