Thursday, 1 July 2010

Bible Thought for Today: Acts 11

The fallout.

Yesterday we discussed how God was working on Peter's prejudice and while that was great Peter still had a major hurdle to overcome. You see sadly or happily we don't live in isolation. So congratulations to Peter for having a breakthrough but by the time he got back to his own community they were ready to have a go. For Peter the battle was only just beginning and each day he would face a new challenge. Today's challenge explaining to others his change of heart. 

As you read Peter's story unfold it becomes even more clear why God sent such a vivid image. Now Peter has to explain to everyone else his change of heart. But what are we like when we hear someone has had a change of mind for the better. Are we like the Jewish believers who rejoiced after hearing Gods work or do we stay stuck in our beliefs and refuse to move forward. 

Many churches are facing questions over women's ordination and are struggling to move forward on it. Other churches still have huge segregation issues to deal with between the races. Still there are churches that are prejudiced against youth in leadership roles. Unfortunately there are people in all of these cases who use the bible to further their own political agenda instead of looking at who God is and what He wants. Today my prayer is that we can all take a  look at what divides us and see if it is really what God intended for us. 

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