Friday, 25 June 2010

Day 1: Who God is

In reading the texts it was so easy to keep saying what about me how does this affect me. But I thought and I changed my mind, I want to ask the question what does this tell me about God? I spend so much time thinking about myself let me just for a few seconds try to focus on what the text says. Oh my this will be hard, let me be quick so I don't loose focus. 

God is the creator of everything
God is God and the Word and the Spirit. The Word is Christ.
God created Lucifer but Lucifer choose to walk away because he got created
God created man in his image and called both male and female man no distinguishing from God just man
There is a way to honour God worship on Sabbath
God is not a dictator or a tyrant. God gives choice.

I managed it just about. I have learnt that God is an awesome creator a gift he has given each of us in our own way. A gift that I plan to use this Sabbath to honour him. 

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