Friday, 25 June 2010

New Project Read the Bible in a Year

When I was very young my then boyfriend said we should read the bible together fro. Start to finish. He made me this wonderful bookmark for my bible that I could tick the books off as we read them. So I tried my best and I think I just about succeed in the task. Ever since then I have had the urge to do it again. But I must confess I am not the most disciplined person and reading the bible requires a fair amount of discipline.

Four years ago I started my studies in theology and I took a course called biblical theology that completely opened my mind to who God is. Ever since that point I have wanted to read the bible in Chronological order especially the old testament. I have been fixed on having a view of God through history.

When God moved me into this work of online/Internet pastoring I am always thinking about the different things I could do. The idea of reading the whole bible has been my personal challenge and so I decided to make it public.

I went into my favourite Christian bookstore this week and came across a book that I think is going to be a winner. I have seen this book maybe a hundred times and each time I pick it up and never really give it to much time. This time however I actually looked at the book and realised it was perfect. The book is:

Cover to Cover: Through the Bible as it Happened
Selwyn Hughes and Trevor J Partridge
Publisher: CWR
Year 1999

The book sets out to read the bible in a year in chronological order that the events happened. I am very excited but a little apprehensive. Here is the plan I have you are more than welcome to join or you can just read and laugh at me as I struggle to do it. Each day I am going to post the texts I am supposed to read and then I will post how i am getting on. Wish me luck or rather wish me blessings as I give this a go. If you are going to join me please let me know how you are getting on.

The bible version I will be using is English Standard Version from Crossways (an app for iPad), if I change I will write it at the end of the text that I post but unless otherwise stated this is the one I will use.

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