Monday, 28 June 2010

My first day on the job

Last week my hubby and I took the decision that if I was going to be an Internet minister and do it well I would need to dedicate time to it. Therefore I would now start going to 'work' everyday. You might think so what but I have a little boy and so finding time at home to work is impossible. Today is my first day.

As I was walking to work i wondered how honest I should be. Should I tell the real story or the glossy highlights. I decided on a compromise between them. So I started by waking up this morning and realising today is the first day of the rest of my life, of my new ministry. So as per normal woke to my son rolling round in his cot and having fun waiting for mummy to get out of bed and feed him. So after doing everything for baby the afternoon was fast approaching and time to go out. I didn't expect that I would feel apprehensive but there it was me feeling a little nervous packing my bag.

Oh I probably need to digress for a moment and explain why I need to go out of the home to do something that should be able to be done from home. Well we currently live in a bedsit the size of most peoples bathrooms/kitchens therefore space is at a premium. With a 6 month old baby it makes the space smaller. On top of that I am not sure if I have mentioned this before but I lack a little self discipline sometimes. So i need to orchestrate all sorts in order to achieve what most people do naturally. So having routine works for me, being organised means there is less room for procrastination my worst enemy.

Back to the topic at hand. I gave kisses out and left the house to go for my first day at work. Well when I say first day at work my designated office is the library till we get our own place and I can have a corner. It's a beautiful day outside and in tribute to my football team I am wearing my Brazil shirt, many England fans don't seem to appreciate this as I am walking down the road but I don't mind. I am so used to being with the baby that I automatically head for the automatic door and it's not till I'm through I realise that I didn't need to do that and jump in the escalator.

I went in hoping to find wireless Internet access turns out there isn't any but I will check on the way out. I start looking for a space and to my delight there is a table I the perfect spot. There is a nice big window, with a table right beside so I can see the beautiful sunshine, it happens to be in the religion section with the children's section just behind with very loud children having a good time reading their books. I settle down like it's the first day of school taking out all my utensils and say a pray. I might be a little nervous and a bit apprehensive that I am doing such a big task but I have to believe that God called me to do this so He will give me the strength to continue. So now to work....

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