Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The Right to have Children

Today while having time with my son I was listening to This Morning (an ITV daytime show in the UK). The debate they were having was:

Do women have the right to have a child at any age?

The answer from their online poll was 77% no 23% yes.

I have to say that I don't think it is any ones right to have a child. Children are not property they are people as such we are gifted with them for a short time. During that time there are many rewards but there is also a lot of hard work in order that they may turn out to be happy, healthy and well rounded individuals. This is not a task we take on lightly and for selfish reasons. Parenting is about sacrifice not about self. So I guess I am saying no it is not a right.

Now you might say well it's alright for you cause you have your son you don't understand. Well true I do and I will never have the heartbreak of trying for a baby but there are people with whom I am walking that path and let me tell you I feel their pain everyday. But does that make it your rig to have a baby? No I don't think it does and there will come when I and them have to face up to the fact that a baby might not be on their horizon then what?

For me there are so many children on this earth that need love, a home, a mother, a father and family but yet we are more determined about our own blood line than with this children. I am not convinced at all. Maybe someone will disagree with me and that is OK. After all this is just my opinion born out of my experience and the experience of those in my life. But I think the need to be a mother or father can be fulfilled in so may ways and having a baby is just one of those ways.

PS don't here me say that I am not sympathetic or empathetic to the person who cannot have a baby as I say my personal experience gives me a great deal of both for any family I. That situation and my heart bleeds for those closest to me who are going through this now.

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