Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Problems, Solutions and God's Pain

You know when they say that the third day is the worst day on a new diet or a fast. Well apparently in The bible reading programme day 3 is a killer. Here is the major problem.

I have an iPad which I love love love as it was a gift to do this Internet Pastor work. So I love it as you can imagine. It also works really well and saves my back some serious pain too. However here is the problem copy and paste! Now I am pretty technology savvy I think but where I am trying to copy portions of the bible to make it easier for you to follow and save you the work it has been a 3 day nightmare! I finally found a downloadable bible that I could copy out if. Then I realise that I can only copy 1 verse at a time. Let me just repeat, only 1 verse at a time. I cannot begin to say how frustrating this is when there are like 50 verses all over the joint. So as you can imagine today I was set to give up. 

But there is always a solution. I am not sure how I did it but I went onto biblegateway.com and guess what I can copied a whole portion! Now I have no idea how I did it but I did it and that is the main thing. I will figure out the rest tomorrow. 

Good news: I will now be using biblegateway.com and the New Living Translation. Joy joy joy

So what did I learn about God today well I learnt that God feels pain. He feels our pain and that causes Him pain. His pain is so deep that He would do anything to stop us from experiencing that deep pain. But God is bound by His word. He can't take away our free will so we had the flood. God knew the flood was only a solution for all those people who were living for centuries to stop their pain but He couldn't let another generation experience that. So the real solution shorten the lifespan.  You still have free will. You can decide to live how you want, affect people and God how you want, you just can't do it forever. To be honest that is a bit of a relief to me.

I am a shopaholic and I battle with the addiction every day. It might sound trivial to you but it actually causes a lot of pain and suffering not only to me but to those around me. So each day I battle with it. Some days I am great and I can go for months being good and other times I hit a downward spiral and it all falls apart. I have to live with it every day of my life and as long as I am alive I will be dealing with it. For me living in the UK my life expectancy is increasing everyday so I could live well into my 80s with this problem (ok that's depressing). But I cannot imagine living for 100s of years with this problem and people will say that's just a mild problem. Imagine living for centuries with the hurt caused by others no wonder they were violent that type of lifespan would wear you out. 

God knows what that pain is like and lives with all of our pain everyday and in order to spare us he gave us shorter lifespans. I am glad that I know my compassionate God.  

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