Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Devotion: Acts 3

While pondering what to write about after reading chapter three i realised something that i don't do often enough. There is a small moment that leads to two great life changing moments. 

Chapter 3 has two stories contained within it. The first the healing of the lame man and the second the preaching of the eord after the lame man is healed. There are a lot of theological points in each of these stories and while i was contemplating which one to focus on i realised there was a still point in the story i was missing. 

In verse 4 "Peter and John looked at him intently". Peter and John were walking about their daily business the lame man was a beggar on the street. At that time beggars were not uncommon. They did not have to stop they rightly said they had nothing to offer this man no money in their pockets nothing that they could give but they stopped and stood silent and thought before they spoke. As a result of this action that man was healed and Peter and John had the opportunity to preach the word to many people. 

This reminds of a Big Issue seller in our local town centre. This man has a smile for everyone. If i was being my normal city born self i would walk past and not notice a thing. However i married a friendly man who has time for everyone and he always stops and talks whether we have money to give him or not. Now i don't know what the Big Issue seller thinks of this banter but i do know this whenever we pass he has a warm smile a nice conversation and someone always buys a Big Issue from him. And surprise surprise after I have seen him i am always smiling and cheered up. 

Taking the time out to see someone, whoever they may be can make the world of difference in their life and you just never know the opportunity it might present. Seeing someone can make the world of difference to them take the opportunity to make eye contact and smile you never knownthe difference you might make.   

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