Friday, 25 June 2010

Sabbath Activities 2

This week I had been planning on taking advantage of the good weather and encourage everyone into the great outdoors but then something happened. We got a phone call to say that a family member has gone into hospital. It got me to thinking about those that aren't able to get out. So this weeks activities are for everyone and require very little other than a generous heart. 

Visit someone in hospital or who is housebound. 

The task is simple look down your road or in your block at your neighbours see who is housebound or not able to get out frequently and knock on their door and say you would like to visit with them. Alternatively find out who at church is housebound or in hospital and visit them. Instead of going to church go and visit them and spend tine with them.  

What do you do on a visit well you can take a picnic with you so they can enjoy the sunshine. You could take a game with you depending on the age group. Mainly you will need to take good listening ear and great conversation skills. If your shy there is safety in numbers take someone with you. If your a family this would be a great way to set a good example for your children of a sense of community spirit.

I hope this weekend you take the time to be with someone else and encourage them. Show someone the love of Christ you might just encourage them.   

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