Monday, 21 June 2010

Devotion: Acts 6

Devotion: Acts 6 

The story of Stephen and his execution are well known by many Christians as people not only remember Stephens heroic behaviour but they also remember that Paul was there at the execution when he was Saul. But as I read the story again there are a number of points that jump out.

1. Stephen was prepared 
2. Stephen knew his bible
3. Stephen not only knew bible but he stood on the promises
4. Stephen could preach at a moments notice
5. Stephens memory under stressful conditions was superb
6. Constant reminders of God dwelt with Stephen
7. Stephen gave the Jewish leaders reminders of who hey were and not just the good stuff
8. Stephen gave his life for what he believed in.

When I look at Stephen I feel woefully inadequate the best I can do to remember a text are some of the short ones. I just about manage to remember the Lords prayer and Psalm 23. Not quite up to Stephens standard I know however Stephen teaches us that we can all do this. 

Stephen knew the story of the bible, he knew the story of who God is and that was the overriding point. We might not be able to remember every text in great detail but what we can do is know who God is. Biblical theology teaches us that the bible is one story made up of lots of parts that feeds into a greater single point about who God is. It is for us to read the bible with a view to learning who God is. I am sure that if we tried we could get to know who God is I am pretty sure he would like that. I know that I would like to get know God so maybe instead of trying to remember all the verses of the bible I am going to give a go remembering the story and learning about who God is.  

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