Monday, 28 June 2010

Music Review: So Much to Say

My first review or introduction is a grow that I have seen in concert at least three times. Let me just say that if you ever get a chance to see them it is well worth it they are awesome. They are one of the few groups that sound better live than recorded and they sound amazing recorded so live it's breathtaking. OK enough of me gushing I introduce to you Take 6.

This group are a vocal harmony group they started as an acapella group and dabbled with real instruments. In my opinion there early acapella music is A-Maz-Ing! So I present the album So Much to Say. I am not sure if it's my favourite one of theirs but it's a difficult choice. On this album the harmonies are amazing. Giving some of the most difficult harmonies ever and falsetto that puts most men to shame.

For me this album is a great pick me up. Great music, good lyrics, Harmony's that would make most groups today look like amateurs. My favourite track is Something Within Me. I love this singing along like you wouldn't believe although in the library its mouthing along. If you want to know about credentials do a quick search but if you love your music Brian McKnight's brother is a member and let me say singing is definitely in the family. I will try and find some clips for you as they are too cool.

I would like to digress just slightly and say sorry to my best friend at the time Esther for behaving so badly. I apologies. We share this music and it's good but I miss my friend. Ah well I have said it now, there it is out in the open.

Back to the subject at hand Take 6. Please if you have never listened to Gospel music and want something that will show you the best of what it can do this album should be a great introduction. It was my introduction to the world of Gospel music and I have never looked back. Give it a try.

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