Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Day 11: Flakey

I am having one of those days after typing a semi descent entry for today my lovely little thing deleted it by accident and so here I am typing again. Today's bible reading is a bit intense so I will have to give it some thought and a little research and try again tomorrow. The reading is below as always if you have any contributions let me know, they are all welcome.  

But here is a thought I watched a film called Pastors Kid and let me tell you I was discussing loudly with the tv all the way through. I am not sure I would recommend anyone watching it or not as the case maybe but it did make me think that there are a lot of people who make some really poor choices especially with the opposite sex. I am sure we all know people have done that and dare I say that includes ourselves. I do wonder though how much our lives would be better if we learned from others mistakes instead of trying to repeat them ourselves. There might be a lot of mileage in that. 

Ok my thought for today try not to make every mistake myself and learn from others. This might be hard ;0) 

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Pastor Purple: Day 11: God Answers Job

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