Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Day 10: Choice

This is the part of Job that sits uncomfortably with me. In my life I have cried out to God on numerous occasions why me? Lord I am a good person, why do you allow this to happen to me? How could you let someone do this to me? What did I do to deserve this situation? Maybe we have all been there but each time I am unfortunate to hear that because there is sin in the world then there will be pain. Because you have the power to choose then there will be pain. 

If someone has caused me pain. I often cry out why. But they have the same right that I do to decide. That means if they decide to inflict pain on me they can. I am no more able to take away their power of choice than my own choice no matter how much I think they should be forced him to behave.

Each time a physical disease or death come to me or someone I love. I cry out why? But should it be that the only people to get sick are those that are evil. Who determines who is evil. And just cause someone behaves evil today does that mean they will be evil tomorrow? I know there are some days that I wish would be wiped from my life because of what I had done. If i am judged only on those things would I be considered evil. Our bodies are dying because there is sin, all of our bodies and there is nothing I can do about that. 

When there are natural disasters and I cry out to God why? Then I have to face up to the fact that each day we treat our planet worse. We abuse the wildlife, countryside and landscapes. What God gave us to look after we have destroyed and still continue to do. So when it breaks down what do we expect that it only hits the unjust. 

Suffering and pain are hard to bear. Each day people deal with things that I can only imagine make them want to give up. Each day people wake up with suffering that is immeasurable and there is no easy answer. There is no magic pill we can swallow to make it better. Each day there are crimes committed that cause me to want the death penalty re-instituted. But each day I choose to trust God. It is not easy and it takes time but God has proved to me daily that He is trustworthy.

How is God trustworthy? Well he has been with me through all that I have faced. He has never left me alone to deal with anything that this world has to bring. Through the good and the bad God has stood with me and given me the strength to go on and more than that has helped not to allow things to destroy me. It is not easy to face the world and all of the negative but with God I am thankful to say there is positive and this I can always stand on.  

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