Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Bible Thought For Today: Acts 13:4-12

This is fast becoming my favourite story. Paul and Barnabas are due to meet the Governor but in doing so meet a sorcerer who is advising the Governor badly. As soon as they come into contact with Paul spots that he is a fake and causes him to go blamed. The Governor becomes a Christian at seeing what has happened.

I wonder how much the Governor knew about this man, this sorcerer. The text says that the Governor was a an intelligent man but still he had a sorcerer as an advisor. It does make you wonder about today's society. I know people with degrees on degrees but still they can't make it through the day without consulting an astrologer.

Today I watched on a regular chat show where one of the women explained that as she was walking down the road in New York she was approached by a psychic. This psychic told her that really she was a lost soul from the 16th century that had died young and that's why she can't find love today. Well I almost fell off my chair laughing and the audience initially gave a little chuckle but then they rationalised this talking about her life how she had not found love and the fact she was a little eccentric. All of a sudden there were stories being shared about their own experiences with psychics. These are so called rational, intelligent women who are successful in their careers and have families and great celebrity lives.

It seems that today while the world and especially some of the scientific community call Christians crazy for their beliefs. It makes me wonder how all of these other somewhat questionable practices are so accepted in main stream society. If the intelligent are deceived from Jesus time to now don't we have to be extra careful. Thankfully the story ends well and only the sorcerer is penalised for his actions and the Governor has an opportunity to meet Jesus.

Maybe I love the story because it is so simple and the dodgy person who claims to have sight his sight is taken from him. Simple justice but more than that someone actually gets to see the person for what they really are a fraud. But here came a really scary thought for me. Who do I have around me, advising me? Are they trustworthy, honest, and God fearing? Well now that is something I need to pray about.

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