Wednesday, 21 July 2010

I Miss Home: London

Yesterday I went on an innocent visit to London, I visited with my mum and then went out to shoot some photos with my husband. After we finished with my mum we headed for St Paul's and as we walked around I was beginning to remember the London I loved. Have you ever been away from home for a while and when you get back to visit it doesn't feel like home anymore? Well that was me, every time I visited London recently I just ended up frustrated and didn't enjoy the visit. It was frustrating as it is my home city and I loved and missed it often.  

In the past year we have had so much upheaval and as we have moved all over and lived with boxes and still live with boxes home seems a distant memory. It used to be that whenever I went back to London I would immediately feel centred again but in the past few months that has not been the case. It is quite unnerving. But yesterday as we walked over Millennium Bridge and I stopped to look out, the wind picked up and as I looked across the Thames to Tower Bridge I felt at peace.  

Who knew that something so simple would be so liberating. I am not sure how you reconnect with yourself after a time of difficulty but for me that was the moment. Don't get me wrong I am shattered after yesterday but it was very rewarding. I am not really sure why I am telling you this but I guess I am just sharing with you my most awesome moment. I even have a picture that I will try and work out how to post with this. I hope that if you ever have a moment and need to find yourself that you can have a Millennium Bridge that you can go to. 

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