Saturday, 24 July 2010

Cupcakes and Fairy Cakes

I love thinking of fun sabbath activities because not only does it keep me creative but it gives me great ideas for spending time with my family and friends. You see the main point of sabbath is to honour the creator by taking rest from work and enjoy the company of God and our friends and family. To be honest it's great and I feel like it should be celebrated every single week. 

So this week I am going to follow fashion. In the UK at the moment the cupcake craze is going strong. Bakeries have popped up all over the place offering brightly coloured, sparkly, yummy cupcakes. So this weeks activities centres on these locally little delights. Are you ready for a cupcake party?

Here is what you need:
A person who knows how to bake (be inclusive ask a senior member of the church or family to join your party)

Cupcake ingredients or a cheats mix pack - make sure you have lots because you will want lots of cupcakes

Cupcake foils or cases
Baking trays
Toppings galore

Lots of people this is an all age activity so the more the merrier

Cupcake Party
The idea is simple make the cupcakes together. While they are in the oven have fun discussing a bible text or actually ask everyone how they are and expect them to answer truthfully. You might be surprised at what you find out if you expect someone to say more than fine or ok. 

When the cupcakes are ready decorate to your hearts content. The only limitation is your imagination. Now you have two choices here eat the cakes yourself and enjoy the fellowship with your friends and family. Option two give the cupcakes to people less well off than yourself.  Either find homeless people or if there are families in your church that are struggling give them the cupcakes. These small acts of kindness will go along way especially since you took the time to make them special yourself. It's a good lesson for little children, although you might want to keep one back for them to enjoy after the good deed ;0)

Well I thunk I am going to try and do this next week as I am hungry just writing about these yummy little cakes. Ok that's it I am off to bake! 

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