Tuesday, 13 July 2010

What a weekend

I am back to work after an eventful weekend and instead of starting work promptly I tidy the room like a crazy person cause my mind doesn't work if it's messy. My lovely husband says I am Monica from Friends. I do not agree but it is true that if the house is untidy then I cannot function. My brain mulls over and over the different ways of tiding it all up until it's done. It might sound crazy but there it is I am a sort of neat freak. 

Right then back to the weekend on Friday my family and I joined other students in making the journey to University of Wales, Lampeter for graduation. Leading up to graduation I was not really excited at all. Normally if anything is happening I get so excited and start acting like a five year old leading up to the event. I get silly excited and you know what I enjoy it but somehow graduation had lost the sparkle and I was not excited. It had been a long time coming and I had been through a lot to get there, so excitement should have followed but instead there was nothing. 

When we got to The university I went upstairs received my gown then was sent next door to have someone help me with it. As the lady helped me with my gown she said oh my you have a masters. I suddenly turned and looked at this woman I had never met before and it was like ding there it was. I started squealing with delight I have my MA. I was so excited and almost ran (I was wearing 5inch heels), downstairs to my family where I continued to act like a crazy person with excitement. It was finally all over, the handwork, the heartache, the pain and the years of study, I had my MA in theology. 

I Think sometimes when you work really hard for something and it's been a long time coming when you finally get it you can find it really difficult to comprehend. That was definitely true of me. But I have official documents and letters and pictures to say that I have my MA in theology. Woo hoo!!!!

As a treat for graduation my husband took me out on the Saturday evening to see Strictly Come Dancing - The Professionals. Let me say that all day long I jumped up and down like a loony tunes with excitement and it didn't disappoint at all. I loved loved loved it. Then the next day it was off to College to finish the graduation celebrations with a graduation ceremony at the College I attended. It was super duper fun and this time I was prepared for the excitement. To be honest while I feel elated that I have my MA it's not for the reason of having a masters but more for the fact that despite my circumstances over the past few years. Despite all the trouble and pain we have been through we have something to show for it. The hard work was worth something. When I tell my son about what we went through I can show him what we achieved also. So I am very pleased. 

Now to put it all to good use and continue to build the online/Internet pastor work. Here goes... 

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