Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Friends are for Life?

Friends are in your life for a season, reason, or lifetime. 

Most days I think I understand this but lately it really has had me thinking. I have had friends for a season, people whom I loved as my friends very much while we worked together or were studying together but when one or other of us move on then the friendship fizzles. When I see them it's great and we have amazing friendship chemistry and catch up is awesome but they aren't necessarily that close. They would be counted as friends and I consider them part of my friendship circle even though I don't see them regularly. 

There are some friends for a reason and I know these are harder to pick out. People who I never really talk to but were there for a purpose at that time. To me these are all the good people I know. The people who make good decisions and choose against the odds to do what's right and therefore have earned the badge friend. For me I guess they are still in the friendship circle but I understand that these are not people I see hardly ever although they are still very precious people. 

Then there are my lifetime friends now these I love and understand fully. They are people who for whatever reason become a part of your soul. I am convinced that there is something spiritual about friendship. I know you think i am crazy but think about your circle of best friends (I believe there is always a circle never just one). Think about how you met, how you have stayed in touch through the years, it's amazing isn't it? I have friends from childhood, from college, from work, from all sorts of places that no matter what we are friends and I trust them. 

But then there seems to be a mysterious fourth category that have been playing on my mind recently quite a lot. They are people who are part of the lifetime circle who one day just walk away no explanation. Now I could just let it go and for the most part I had but recently they have been playing on my mind a huge amount. What would make someone who is your best friend (I know it seems like a childish term but it best describes the relationship) just stop returning your calls and move out of your life. It's really strange if it was a guy I was dating then I would not have a problem see ya later your gone. But because it's a friend there's a connection in my soul that just hasn't let them go. Do I sound strange? Maybe I do but my friends are important to me and are like family I guess, so they each have a place in my heart. 

I have been asked questions by those that know of these missing friends all sorts of questions about my behaviour, views and generally what happened. I have examined all of those things and have come up empty so what now? I guess I should just let them go to my scrapbooks and remember the good times but I am finding that really difficult because I miss my friend. What to do, well for now I will pray about it some more and hope that one day the opportunity presents itself to resolve my unanswered questions until then I will cherish the fiends I have. 

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