Friday, 2 July 2010

Day 6: Brazil are Out!

Let me honest reading the bible was near impossible as Brazil have gone home. Then I was reading it was quite sad stuff which wasn't helping. Then as I read it was even more sad because I realized the opinions that these guys were saying were not that far different from people today. You see a lot of people think that God is mean and enjoys seeing people suffer. So e people think he takes great pleasure in seeing humans suffer and as such they cannot serve a God like that. 

It's a shame really as we have already seen that God doesn't feel that way at all in fact it's quite the opposite. When we look at the flood we see that God was deeply pained by all that was happening and worked to make it better. God does not take delight in humanities pain. I can forgive people of Jobs time thinking this way but what excuse do people have today. Maybe it really is the Christian worlds fault. We sometimes only present a God of judgement, wrath and destruction. How many times do we present God as love, creator and care.  Maybe it seems like empty words as we don't behave that way. Maybe sometimes we only behave in a judgmental way and therefore present God as judgmental

 You see although I am sad about Brazil losing the football I realize there are more important things in life. It sis I portent how we portray God because otherwise people will have the I press ion much like Job's friends that God is only vengeful and full of wrath and takes delight in our suffering. If we believe God is loving then it is down to us to demonstrate that. Oh what a task!

If you want the bible reading that accompanies today see below
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