Friday, 2 July 2010

Sabbath Activities: World Cup

I was going to think creatively about all sorts of great things you could do I. The sunshine then it hit me World Cup Football. It doesn't come around every year and therefore I think deserves a special nod for our activities. I know some of the ladies a cringing thinking about football but keep an open mind it's sabbath and sometimes you have to do things boys like too ;0)

There are several ways to do it so read below and see what tickles your fancy.

World cup party.
This is a relatively easy one invite everyone you have around you to come over. Each person has to pick a team no two people can be the same team and share what you know about the team with others. Try getting food fro. All over the world and having a go at eating it and sharing it with the group/family.

World cup five a side
Get together with some other families or friends and have a little mini world cup kick around. The trick is choose teams you don't actually support and are underdogs and have fun seeing what it would look like if they played the final. Try if you can to have people from different ages play it adds lots of laughter to the game.

World Cup trivia game
Go online and download questions about each country and see what you know about all the world cue countries. This can be good fun but also educational and helps to breakdown myths about other cultures.

There are probably a million other things you can do with it but get together with your friends and family and see what you can pull off.

PS if you have very small children you can have a go at coloring your own flags or if your very craft handy making your own flags. I even think getting a cheap white TShirt and allowing the kids to paint on their own football shirt would be a lot of fun. You do need to be ready to get messy and have a good giggle with kids. To be honest it's not just for the children I would live to do that one too :0)

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