Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Bible Thought for Today: Acts 13:44-52

"But they shook off the dust from their feet against them and went to Iconium." Acts 13:51

When I grew up it didn't seem to matter which church or denomination they were this text was a favourite amongst some people. I remember it didn't matter what the situation the appropriate response could be well just shake the dust from your feet and leave them people.

So I would have a rough time at school and they would say don't worry dear at the end of the school year just dust your foot and leave dem people.
If someone disagreed with someone else. Don't worry dear just dust your foot and leave dem people dem will soon see.

I never really understood what that was about and it always seemed so final. But here are the disciples doing it. The difference however is quite marked. You see the disciples were preaching the gospel and had reached the people. The stubborn Jewish leaders who were not interested had done their worse and still had not succeeded. So the disciples shook the dust off their work was complete the Holy Spirit was working and they were free to move on.

What are we like? Do we use the phrase all to readily to wipe people off and move on like all those people when I was growing up or are we working hard on Gods mission and only when we have come to the end of our task and God instructs are we dusting off our feet. I don't know maybe the older I get the more forgiving I become. Or maybe it's the more mistakes I make the more forgiving I become but I am not ready to dust my feet off to anyone unless so instructed by God.

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