Thursday, 1 July 2010

Day 5: Surprise Surprise

Now this might be simple but i am so shocked Job happens this early. If you have read the bible you will know that the book of Job appears quite late on in the Old Testament. It's a story that is often talked about as someone of great faith. But here am I realizing that this story has a completely different setting. Job's story doesn't happen after all the commandments and David and Solomon. In fact Job doesn't have the luxury of knowing all that i thought he did instead he is working from well a early concept of God.

So here we are with the story of Job I am still a little shock. But I guess I need to get over it. So I read the text and let me tell you I am still surprised. My questions/observations might appear basic but here they are nevertheless.

1. Satan was allowed in heaven :-0 this surprises me as I always thought or was taught that nothing unholy was allowed there cause it would die in the presence of God. But maybe I need to think about the concept and let it go.

2. The thing that always surprises me is that God points out Job and then allows Satan to do his worst. I have no words so instead I think I clearly need to read up theological thought on this and see what it says because I find this hard to believe or understand.

3. Job's wife wasn't so bad Job moaned constantly. This surprised me and proves you should read the bible for yourself and not rely on preachers (says the preacher lol). I have never preached on Job but having just started to read the bible am surprised that Job is so human. The way people make him out is like he is a saint and never complained about what was happening until the last moment. So not true I challenge you to read it yourself.

Ok onwards and forwards with the book of Job, I am looking forward to tomorrow.

For the accompanying bible reading go below:
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