Thursday, 15 July 2010

Bad Advertising

I can confess that I love fashion to the point that I have the most awesome scrapbooks that I have made out of cuttings fro magazines with the most amazing dresses among other items :0) So it's no surprise that I have a magazine I love and today my husband bought me a copy as a treat and I was delighted as I looked through page after page of fashion. Well eventually I came to the end and then to my horror there was an advert that made me so mad. I was so mad that I immediately wrote the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) about how deeply offensive I found this advert. 

Antonio Federici an ice cream manufacturer have created an advertising campaign full of double entendre. The strap line says "ice cream is our religion". The advert depicts two male priests intimately close looking like they will kiss and the words across their body are "we believe in SALIVATION". I cannot tell you on how many levels this advert offended me. It really almost ruined something that was a treat for me. But in usual fashion wasn't about to let it go unchecked so off I toddled to the ASA website and made my complaint to have the advert removed. 

I was later discussing my annoyance with my husband and we again noted that our society talks about protecting the rights of religious groups but that generally means everyone but Christians. I guess the other annoying thing we discussed was the fact that many Christians let insults to our faith go unchecked. My husband pointed it out that as we have so many denominations we sometimes are so divided that we don't see that it affects us as well. 

Personally I cannot see things I feel are wrong without opening my mouth. It often gets me into trouble but injustice is not right and don't feel we should condone it so for better or worse I will always stand up when I can. I am not sure my one complaint will do anything about these adverts but at least I am trying. I am going to pray on what else I can do. I am considering contacting the company themselves hmmm maybe that's what I will do tomorrow. 

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