Monday, 4 April 2016

Israel Study Tour - arrival

Well this has been eventful trip and it hasn't even begun. We were due to fly from Brussels but due to the terror attack everything had to change. So after much discussion and negotiation we had a new airport to travel from. 

I had a new experience on board. I was sick. Actually physically sick. I was so embarrassed but the staff were wonderful really caring. Because I was sick I sat at the back. At that moment I was joined by 10 Jewish men who needed to pray. I was quite astonished to watched this mixed group of men stand together to pray. 

It was impressive to watch Jews from different sectors of their faith stand together. Orthodox Jews, liberal, young and trendy. There was a father and son.twy were together sharing a book. Really tender moment.  There were 4 young guys. Three were very giggly and the fourth was stuck in that place between friends and belief. Trying his best to focus on what was happening. 

This really made me think. As Christians do we stand together in this way. Would we pray so publicly. Would we solicit others to join us no matter which denomination or spectrum they are on. Maybe we are missing a fundamental of our faith. It doesn't matter which part of the spectrum we are on. What matters is that we all pray to one God. 

As I left the plane with this thought ringing in my ears. I was met at border control with a different thought. The gentleman who was questioning me was confused I did not know who my father was. At my age I had to have a full conversation with a stranger about not knowing my biological father. This is seemed so foreign to me. I have come up against this time and again. It never stops surprising me though. I have the privilege of having a wonderful step dad and family. But because my biology is missing I am somehow looked on strangely. I took comfort that my Heavenly Father has never abandoned me. Draw close to him. Focus on him. Maybe that's the unifying thought. That God brings us together. It is in him we trust. 

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