Sunday, 10 April 2016

Israel Studies day 6

5 shekels. The price of doing anything is 5 shekels. Look after my bag, 5 shekels. Hold this while I take a photo, 5 shekels. Save me a seat, 5 shekels. So it's a common language between all the many cultures of pastors I currently share a learning space with. We giggle we smile and we say 5 shekels. 

Today we went to a place with a common language. Fun! A nature reserve where you will see Jews, Muslims, Christians spending time with their friends and family side by side with one another. You forget for a moment that outside of this place there are huge divides. You forget that outside of this place there is no love for one another. Yet when they come into this place it doesn't matter the love they share with friends and family moves them beyond the fight to peace. 

It makes me wonder what should our churches be like. Should people come in and have the same paradise experience. It doesn't matter where you are from or where you are going. What matters is the love we share for God. So when people come in they see what they do not see in the world. They see people who are different but who love and accept one another regardless! 

Accept the love of God. Then love God and love one another that is our mandate! 

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