Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Israel Studies 2

Silence. I come from a big city. A big busy loud bustling city. Silence is relative to where you are. When I was living in the city we sought silence in parks, in high places and we would enjoy our silence. 

When I moved to the countryside I lived in silence. The silence would keep me awake at night because it was still and quiet and all I could hear was the owl and it was so loud and busy. 

Then I moved to the suburbs and it was a nice quiet road to raise a family. The silence was beautiful. The neighbors were great. I also became a parent and so silence had a different meaning. 

In scripture the bible refers often to silence and quiet. Listening to Gods voice or meditating in prayer. So I got involved with making spaces for silent worship. I would create quiet places, silent worship, and  prayer gardens. All this was in an effort to hear silence. Today all that changed. 

Today I went to the desert. Today I went to the site of the Dead Sea scrolls and I listened to the most beautiful silence I have ever heard in my life. Silence took on a whole new meaning to my life. 

Imagine being there in that silent place where you can hear what is happening for miles. Then God appears to you and a voice from heaven says... 

This idea of being in that silent place and having God talk to you is the most amazing thing. Today I am struck by the awe of God. Yes God is my friend, my father, my savior, and my creator. But God is awesome. Be inspired. 

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