Friday, 8 April 2016

Israel day 4

Before 10am in the morning I was inspired to write a piece about my own history. We visited the museum of the history of the holocaust. These past few days there has been so much said about remembering. Today that really hit home. We should remember. The lie of forgive and forget is not true. 

The bible is a gift not only for inspiration and living but also to remember. I have been fascinated that everywhere in the bible God instructs the people to have a remembrance service or day or celebration for those trials that have passed. In doing so it gives the people peace and healing from that. 

As a Christian I have the communion service to remember the pain of sacrifice. I have a moment when I can pause and reflect on the pain that has gone before.  I have something tangible to hold onto that is a symbol of hope. I am a whole person with personal experiences as well. 

Each year I remember my birthday. As my mother would say the day I tortured her to enter the world. I celebrate the gift of life I was given by her my unknown father and my God. I take great pleasure in celebrating the life of my children on their birthdays. Grateful that God has given them life through my husband and I. 

There is one part of my however that has been stifled by the world. I have been told I must not remember. I must move on. I have been told that it doesn't count. I have been silenced again and again. So I acknowledge today that I am the descendant of slaves. I live free where once they were bound. I need a land to go to. A museum to remember and honour. I want a day where we who survive can honour the lives lost before us. 

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  1. This blog impressed me.
    There's a lot to think about it
    We should recover remembering again.
    Also Gods feasts?