Friday, 8 April 2016

I am the Descendant of Slaves

I am the descendant of a slave. We are the survivors of slavery. I stand with my family who survived the death boats. I honour those we lost through years of beatings hangings lynchings. I remember those who were lost to humanity through the dehumanizations of my people. I am the descendant of slaves. 

I will live a life to remember those that fought to survive. Those that stood up and lay down their life so I might be free. I will remember those who were abused so I can be here. I will remember those whose lives are not recorded not mentioned not remembered by anyone. I am the descendant of slaves. 

To my fore-parents who were abused and raped and the price we paid was too great. To my fore-parents whose children were stolen and killed. To my fore-parents whose daughters were raped repeatedly. To my fore-parents whose sons were brutally murdered. I will not forget. I am the child of slaves. 

I will not be silenced I will not be ignored. I will not be made to accept another persons version of history to quiet my pain. I will remember always. I am the descendants of slaves. 

I stand free like so many before the time of slavery. Those who didn't know their family were being stolen and killed, raped and beaten. To those who as free men and women who had their choice removed and their lives torn apart. I will always remember that we were free. We are free. I am the descendant of slaves. 

The pain, the torture, the evil exacted upon my fore-parents will not be forgotten. I will remember. I am the descendant of slaves 

I may not look like you because they raped my fore-mother. I may not know my language because the stripped out fore-parents of their language. I may not know my country because they took me from my land. But I will never forget that I am the descendant of slaves. 

We who survive stand strong and remember. We who survive fight on for our rights. We who are alive. Remember always what was done. Honour those that went before us. Live a life remembering that our freedom came at their price. I am the descendant of slaves! 

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