Friday, 8 April 2016

A visit to Bethlehem

I am not sure I knew what to expect coming here. Our guide told us that the Christians here are very poor and need our support. She said it so many times it was like a drill you recited. Of course I am not oblivious to the news and politics surrounding the region and the terrible treatment of Palestinians. What to expect when visiting Bethlehem. 

The first thing was the the cultural difference between western minds and African minds. I think had we gone to Thailand and there was haggling and selling it would have been more accepted than here. In this place I noticed people not thinking kindly about those people who sell for their living. I think we have so moved in our culture that we forget this is how people make their money. If they don't sell they don't eat. Because our payments go through our bank we forget. 

Anyway I digress the guide was the most surprising thing of our trip. He was a preacher. Well a disciple. Maybe a better description is that he was a Christian and sharing the message was second nature. As well as giving us history he gave us the true message of Jesus. That was his way of saying it. Love God and love one another. This was the nicest thing about our visit. 

It's a shame that politics changes everything. Power seeking people corrupt and cause harm. Imagine there was a point where Palestine and Israel worked together. Then along came the power hungry and then it all goes to smoke. Love God. Love one another. 

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