Friday, 31 July 2015

Film Review - God's not Dead

I had some time on my hands and some actual energy so I thought I would find something to watch. I happened upon this film God's not Dead. I wasn't in the mood for being preached at or have my brain over stretched but I thought I would give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised. 

The film has a simple premise a freshman takes a philosophy class in which the teacher asks everyone to sign a piece of paper to say God is Dead. Of the 80 plus students he is the only one not to sign and here goes the drama of the piece. Intertwined in this are a number of other small stories and subplots. 

Does the film do anything out of the ordinary? To be expected the freshman produces some good arguments and wins the debate. However although the outcomes to the stories maybe be cliche I have to say it felt authentic. From the beginnin there were times when I wanted to skip to the end to see how it finished in places it felt slow. But when I relaxed I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. The film was gentle non confrontational and showed that it was possible for young inexperienced to take on the giant and win. All this in the face of huge opposition and even your Christian girlfriend dumping you. 

I guess the point it made for me is that even in the face of opposition it's possible to hold your views stay calm and allow others to use their free will. I am relieved that the main point seemed to be free will. I cannot tell you how that filled me with joy. There was also no moment of condemnation really. If you don't believe well then burn. That was pleasantly missing. Hats off to the makers for keeping their cool and demonstrating love all exceeding. There was only one moment when I would have added an extra line. But then if I added that maybe the makers thought everyone else would do. 

The film is nearly two hours long however if you have the time it's a good watch. Remember though when you get to those places when you are fed up and want to skip to the end keep going it's a nice film. 

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