Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Israel studies day 8

Take a deep breath and let's go. The whirlwind tour continues. Each day my little head filled with more and more information. Today however I put two thoughts together. 

On the mountain yesterday we were told how a rabbi would teach. One style of teaching was that the rabbi would sit and teach using what they saw around them. If you are sitting on the beautiful hills surrounded by lakes, green, desert and life then your examples will come from that. 

Today we went to a castle. With many levels of stone. Stone is a huge resource for Israel. Everything is made and carved from this beautiful sand colored stone. You get layers and layers of history in stone buildings that archeologists have managed to recover. 

When you put these two thoughts together I thought, is it any wonder the bible talks about the stones crying out! The stone is such a used resource it bears the burden of the nations who have lived here. It is the witness of all the destruction and devastation humanity has caused. So it's no wonder that the rocks and stones will cry out. They have seen too much. 

Maybe we need to stand witness better than the destructive power of humanity that has gone before. Maybe we should be striving to be a better witness of what God can do. Instead we conquer each other and destroy the land and al its inhabitants. What does it cost us to live in peace! 

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