Thursday, 7 April 2016

Israel Studies Day 3

There is something about the third day.  When I went to language school to learn Dutch I was on a one week intensive. Each day we were out by 8am and back at 9pm. But on the third day the teachers told us that they shorten the day because students experience a dip in learning always on day 3. My fellow cohort was no different. Their idea of early however was one hour earlier than normal. 

Well today is the third day and unlike language school we finished two hours early. I cannot tell you how relieved we were as most of us slept on the coach! That's how tired we are. Tomorrow will be better. 

Today I had an overwhelming feeling that power clouds judgement. We want to be right so badly that we dig ourselves in and never let anyone else in. Three major religions. One God. Three and a lot more ways trying to control worship. Maybe if we stop trying to control worship then our experience with and of God would actually transform our lives 

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