Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Israel Studies Day 9

Our last full day of programme is complete. We went to the beautiful Caesarea. We took a historical tour and watched a film about the history. The thing that struck me is the destructive nature of people. Some people want to create but when someone creates instead of it inspiring us to go and do likewise we destroy. Empire after empire not only conquered but destroyed what went before. 

It's like that all over. We today are no better. We see people trying to create a better life for others and instead of helping we criticize until they are broken. It's like we are not satisfied until the world is filled with broken people just like us. 

I will be glad when Jesus takes us home because then the destructive nature of mankind will be at an end. I long for a day when instead of destroying the creativity of others we lift each other up and celebrate being created in the image of a creator. 

Now that I think about it, it's like we are trying to erase the image of God in one another. No matter how hard we try we cannot take away what God has created us to be. 

God the creator, the almighty, the great I am, the centre of love, you are worthy of all praise! 

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