Thursday, 25 June 2015

The Ant

Today my little storm and I had the privilege of seeing strength in action. We stood at the bus stop minny busy watching for a bus. As my little storm was crouching on the ground observing the floor. Suddenly with excitement he asked me to look too. There was an ant carrying a leaf bigger than itself. It was about twice the size of the ant. 

We marvelled as we looked at the ant as to how God had made this funny little creature. A creature so small with so many parts but so strong and powerful. Then when it moves with all the other ants it achieves what seems impossible to us big people. We continue to watch the ant overcome the obstacles of the pavement till it went into a hole we hoped was its home. 

As I looked for the bus my little excited storm said mummy look. He picked up the rest of the leaf the ant was carrying and dropped it in his home. He said mummy I helped the ant. 

I learn many lessons from my little storms bit today was a profound moment for both of us. He might be a child but he can move mountains with hardwork, teamwork and determination. God ha given him a team of family who love him very much and he can move mountains with Gods help. 

I learnt that I maybe one person but with Gods help I can do it. I can carry a heavy load. 

The little ant is a busy hardworker doing all he can to change his life. What can we do with determination, hardwork and a good team? 

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