Friday, 19 June 2015

New Sandals on a Budget

I am off on my holidays this summer (can anyone say grateful for miracles and hardwork of hubby). The thing is I am not good at wearing flip flops. Next issue no funds. So I happened to be browsing online and happened upon the genius idea to revamp a pair of flip flops into a pair of hot shoes! 

Here is my take on it bear in mind flats and I don't mix. The pain is excruciating. 

Take one pair of wedge eternal the toe shoes. 

Add one scarf you don't wear although you love. 

Cut the scarf in half and wrap around the toe of the wedge and the plastic part. 

Instantly new shoes. Guess what they made them instantly more comfortable because of the soft fabric. I cannot take plastic against my feet because it hurts so this was the best discovery ever. 

Thank God for small mercies. I now have a more comfortable pair of shoes to wear while walking around with my two storms in a hot country. Essential for life. 

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