Friday, 5 June 2015

Going Dutch

I am sitting in a coffee shop. Drinking a very large beverage with a good book The Highway Code for Happiness. It has occurred to me I need to journal my journey. 

It comes as no surprise to you that I am a pastor. It comes as no surprise to you that someone would hire me in such a role.  What might be more surprising is that I am packing up everything and leaving England for Holland to do this role. It is so exciting. But at the same time it's hard work. 

Here I will share my journey to going Dutch. So far I have learnt one thing. If I don't learn the language I am completely an utterly stuffed! 

Language is important! 

So even though the Dutch language is challenging I will do my best to get to grips with it. But before I can even do rhy I have to learn to drive. Write and read a whole load of stuff.  Move house change children schools. And there is a million things inbetween. It's not impossible but the real title of this should be Going Dutch with Nothing. 

I am going Dutch with nothing but willingness to do what God has asked of me.  

I have no finances to make any of this happen. I just have super willingness to move when told to move. It shall be interesting to see how all this pains out. 

God can do anything. So I am going to clean out my ears (in other words heart and brain) and get with his programme. 

I am going Dutch on a budget with a family. Bring it on!

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