Saturday, 6 June 2015

Sabbath Fun - Mini Construction

I am trying to resume my sabbath activities for families. Today I put my patience to the test by trying out mini construction kits with children younger than the stated age. Also I was outnumbered so they had to exercise patience.  

The idea. 
Make something that they can have as a special toy for sabbath. With little ones I have discovered church can be made so much more interesting with the addition of toys they only get to play with once a week. Sometimes if you have enough little things then maybe only once a month. To my little ones it's like Christmas every sabbath. Woo hoo result if you ask me. 

The kit was from the pound store so was reasonable priced if all things failed. My little destructive ones building something would be novel. In addition the kit is made of metal how bad could the breakage be. 

The little mini kits worked well. Lots of conversation. Lots of cooperation. Lots of patience and it's nice project to do as a team.  

For very small children. This is a matching exercise you will actually put it together. 

For medium children it is the ability to follow a sequence of events. Some will be able to do quite complicated parts others will be quite bossy. Enjoy the process. Sit in it you have no where else to be in that moment. 

For preteens and teens. You could pick more complicated pieces or have it as the gifts they make for younger ones there will be more than one parent who would appreciate that gift the next sabbath. 

Whatever you do remember sabbath is rest you have no where to be. Nothing needs to get done. Try and relax that's easier said than done most days of the weeks! So take the time to try something with your children it may seem like hard work but they will have a life time of memories. And maybe just maybe you will bond or find a new interest together. 

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