Tuesday, 9 June 2015

40 Day Fast - a little observation

I am managing everyday to fast.  I really thought when I was younger that there would be no way something like this was possible. God is good and he is keeping me. I do find I want to eat better as a result.

My observations are that fasting keeps your mind going back to something. As a parent who stays at home it is very easy for me to lose perspective.  With the fast I at least remember every day that God wants me to be better. Sometimes this can feel difficult but for the most part at least someone is watching over me and keeping me going in the right way.

I really admire all those stay at home mums that study their bible regularly.  I admire those stay at home parents who start businesses, write books,  run successful blogs and do so much more. Next to them most days I feel inadequate.  I can barely cope with staying awake. But the fast has done one thing given me a focal point. It has at least made my mind try to do better than simply stay awake and watch my favourite show.

I am considering making fasting a part of my year. That is massive deal. With all the changes I have gone through and am about to do I am grateful to have the opportunity to fast. It really is moment changing. 

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