Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Time, Babies and Mothers

I just put my beautiful little angel down for his nap. This normally lasts long enough to get the dishes washed and check emails and not much of anything else. Normally as soon as i do anything else up pops his little head from his nap. Today however he has done something he does every few weeks, sleep for hours. Now you might say this is brilliant you have some time but and it's a big BUT I am on edge waiting for him to wake up. I have spent the last two hours doing odd tasks because I am afraid that if I start anything my little angel will awake and the task will never get finished. I have finally taken the challenge after two hours and decided that really this is wasting my time waiting for my little angel and I must do something. Today that task is to write a blog.

The most precious commodity you have as a mother is time. You cannot underestimate the value of time as a mother. First you want time to sleep. Then you want to time to do your hair. Then you need time to tidy up all the dirty nappies that you realise are causing that smell despite the little baggies you have been diligently using. Time you don't realise is very important, before baby running out of time in the day meant not doing the millionth thing on your list. Post baby you are struggling to find time to pluck your eye brows and really who shaves their legs anyway.

I have learnt every single day to value the time I have and to celebrate each achievement I make no matter how small. You might be thinking typical Pastor Purple any excuse to have a party. But do you know what? I think it is better to celebrate than to be depressed over the things you are not doing. Before my little angel I was an organised slight neat freak. In the first few months we moved what felt like a million times and suddenly my organisation was all I had to hold onto. I wasn't doing it well but it was getting done. Those small things like moving him up a size in clothes from 0-3 to 3-6 and actually putting the stuff that's to small away warranted a major celebration.

For each mother the gift of time will manifest itself differently. For some mothers it's a good night sleep, for others it is getting a pedicure and for some it's the opportunity to read a book. Whatever it is for a mother you know, try and help out it might just stop them going loop de loop.

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