Saturday, 25 September 2010

Life as we Know it

I have just seen the advert for the film Life As We Know It. It is released this year and I have no idea whether it will be a good movie or not. However the advert cracked me up. In it the mother character is upstairs in the bathroom while the father character is downstairs with the baby. Excitedly the dad screams upstairs the baby is walking and the mother flying downstairs in her towel says stall it. The dad not knowing what to do gives the baby a little shove he falls on his bum and starts crying just as the mother arrives and he has to explain his actions. It really is a great little moment.

Parenting comes with no rules and a lot of things you will want to be there for. This is not always possible. There can be nothing worse than getting a phone call from someone looking after your little angel and guess what, they passed another milestone without you. While this territory used to be the domain of fathers with the world the way it is many mothers are experiencing this for the first time. Is it easy to miss a milestone, no way, but does it happen, yes.

Here's the thing children are great and each time you see them learn something it can be magical. So while I don't expect you to be shoving the baby over so you can see the first step we all understand the pressure of just wanting to see them walk for the first time. Thank God for mobile phones with video cameras in them woo hoo. So I think I might go and watch the film because Lord knows as a first time mother I need to see someone else stumbling through it too.

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