Thursday, 9 September 2010

Less Than 0.01 Percent

9/11 brings up strong feelings all over the world for very different reasons. But for one small town pastor and his congregation the way of dealing with these emotions is to burn the Koran. Condemnation has come from all quarters and there is a lot of fear over retaliation. I have even joined in the condemnation on my Twitter and Facebook page. But I decided I really needed to think about this situation and what it means for Christians.  

Counting numbers in religion is fraught with difficulties. However there are accepted approximate figures that are often used. So here they are 

2.1 Billion Christian approximately 33% of earth population
1.567 Billion Islam approximately 22% of earth population

Can one man make a difference? Well apparently a church congregation which makes up less than 0.01 percent of the Christian church are having a profound affect on the world. People are worried about the retaliation for Christians the world over. People are worried about the effect on troops in the Iraq and Afghanistan. 

I am curious.  Do we not think that Muslims have common sense? I am positive that the vast majority of muslims know that Christians don't feel like burning copies of the Qu'uran. Or is it that since we are intolerant of the minority violent fanatics who profess to be Muslims, that in turn Muslims will be equally intolerant of the fanatic Christian minority?  I am sure that the vast majority of Muslims and people have dismissed this man for being an extremist with serious issues. Those that would take him seriously are just looking for an excuse to act upon their anger. Terry Jones just happens to be it. 

What this man is doing is wrong.  He is doing something in retaliation with no real understanding of the consequences of actions, of Islam, or dare I say it, Christianity. But when i look at what this man is doing and the reaction from others it seems to me that yet again christians are apologising for Christianity instead of this man being outed for the prejudiced human that he is. 

In today's society Christianity is generally marginalised and ignored unless there is something negative to be said. All this negative attention on a minority of people who do not represent Christianity make the God I believe in to be a liar.  Something I am sure God is not. 

So with this man about to do his best to desecrate another religion so to speak, I will stand firm in my faith, denounce his actions and I will not feel ashamed. He does not represent me or my faith or my God. So I will not be hampered by this man but will continue to love my God and my neighbour. 

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